Clemton Park Shopping Village


Clemton Park Shopping Village is located in Campsie, an established residential suburb of Sydney. The centre is easily accessible by private or public transport and is 250m from Canterbury Road, the major arterial road connecting Newtown in the east to Liverpool in the west. The centre is located close to a childcare centre, aged care facility, educational institutions and Canterbury Hospital.

Clemton Park Shopping Village is located in between the suburbs of Clemton Park and Campsie. Breathing new life into what was the old Sunbeam Factory, Clemton Park Shopping Village offers a range of restaurants and cafés, and a full line Coles supermarket, Priceline Pharmacy and Medical Centre. The centre was part of a master planned community development which included residential (over 700 apartments) and a range of other facilities.

Retailer (Shop)


Number of Specialities

Design & Planning (Leasing)

7,016 m2

GLA of Centre



Car Park Spaces

Teamwork / Talent


Main Trade Area


Average Household Income


Adelaide Barnier

Leasing Executive

Design and Delivery

Liv Widjaja

Design & Delivery Manager

Centre Location

60 Charlotte St, Campsie NSW 2194

Centre Management



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Proposed Redevelopment and Expansion

Greenbank Town Centre – Proposed Redevelopment

We are seeking an amended development approval from Economic Development Queensland for a major expansion and revitalisation of the existing Greenbank Shopping Centre. We would appreciate if you would please take a moment to share your thoughts on the proposed plans.

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