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Region is the trading name for “Region RE Limited” formerly “Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group”. You may need to use this longer name when looking for information on the Group with the ASX or other regulators. More details on the legal names for each of the entities comprising Region RE Limited can be found on this website under Group Structure

Region Group’s ASX code is “RGN”. Formerly, “SCP” under the name SCA Property Group.

The decision to change our name and rebrand provides a platform to unlock future potential, including:

  • evolving our literal current name, Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group, to a name where there are no boundaries in what we do;
  • we want to signal a brand evolution – it marks our 10th anniversary, we have just broken into the ASX100, and we want our brand to be aligned to the maturing of our business;
  • we want to improve our brand identity with a cohesive look and feel across all of our communication and channels;
  • it is not just about the name change, it is about evolving all the parts of our brand so that we better support the company’s evolved vision “Supporting better communities through life’s essentials”.

The rebrand involved a change of name and ASX code only, there have been no additional changes made to your holding. We also confirm that your SRN/HIN remain the same. All of your registration details, including your personal, contact and bank account details have also been carried across, and your communication preferences maintained.

The number of RGN units you were allocated on the change of code was identical to the number of SCP units you held immediately prior to the change of code.

No, holders of the company’s securities are advised that no action is required on their part.

The ASX was notified of the change of name and ASX code following the AGM on 23 November 2022.

On advice from the ASX, the change of name (Region RE Limited) and code (ASX:RGN) is anticipated to become effective on Monday, 28 November 2022.

This is the description given when two securities must be traded together. In the case of Region it means one unit in Region Management Trust and one unit in Region Retail Trust, trading together as one stapled Region Group unit.

More details on the legal names for each of the entities comprising Region can be found under to Group Structure.

Region is listed on the ASX under the code ‘RGN’. Therefore, to purchase or sell units it is necessary to contact your broker (including online securities trading services). If you do not already have a broker, you can use the Find A Broker service available on the ASX website: or you may call the ASX Broker Referral Service Line on 1300 300 279.

Region intends to distribute approximately 85-95% of funds from operations each year.

Distributions will be paid on a six-monthly basis at the end of January and at the end of August each year.

This will vary each year depending on the age and composition of the Portfolio, and to the extent any properties are sold at a capital gain.

On 26 November 2012, Region Group (formally SCA Property Group) announced details of its distribution reinvestment plan (DRP) to the ASX.

This distribution reinvestment plan may be active for this distribution period. If this changes at any time in the future, an ASX announcement will be made.

Yes, all of your personal information and elections have been transferred. If you would like to update any of your personal information or elections, please login to You will need your SRN/HIN and postcode login to access your details.


Region’s unit registry is managed by Link Market Services Limited (Link). Link offers this service to multiple listed and unlisted entities. Link must not share the information it holds for one client with another except in certain limited situations.

You must provide your personal details to Link as Region’s registry provider (for example your TFN or bank account details) whether or not you have provided it to Link as registry provide for another entity. Neither Region nor Link is able to obtain this information from other sources.

  • TFN or ABN
  • bank account or financial institution account information
  • contact details
  • other details online for your holding

Alternatively contact the RGN Information Line on 1300 318 976 (within Australia) (or +61 1300 318 976 outside Australia) to request the forms to be sent to you.

Failure to provide this information to Region’s registry will have adverse consequences for you.

You can call the Region Information Line or 1300 318 976 (toll free within Australia) (or +61 1300 318 976 outside Australia), or view your holdings online at

The mailing address is:

The Registrar
Link Market Services Limited
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South NSW 1235

For more information:

Level 6, 50 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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Greenbank Town Centre – Proposed Redevelopment

We are seeking an amended development approval from Economic Development Queensland for a major expansion and revitalisation of the existing Greenbank Shopping Centre. We would appreciate if you would please take a moment to share your thoughts on the proposed plans.

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